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Cyber Liability Insurance

Let us provide an insurance policy that best suits your business needs.

Cyber-attacks are increasing in their frequency and their intensity. Coupled with the need to comply with privacy regulations, this can all seem overwhelming.

This insurance protection for your business can be essential to help navigate the impact of a Data Security Breach or Cyber Attack.

At Freisenbruch-Meyer, our goal is to increase awareness and help all Bermuda based companies understand the risks involved.

Every business will experience an increase in Cyber-attacks as fraudsters take advantage of vulnerabilities in our new working environment. With many employees working remotely, heightened vigilance is required due to increased levels of phishing and hacking attempts.

Tips for avoiding scams:

  • Check before you click on links or attachments.
  • Question anything unusual and do not take any
    chances with offers that appear unrealistic.
  • Watch out for unfamiliar websites. Malicious
    websites may appear legitimate, but never provide
    personal or confidential information and be wary
    of any requests for usernames, passwords or other
    sensitive information.
  • Stick to the Websites you know and go directly
    to their URL’s if possible.






  • Be suspicious of unexpected emails. Phishing
    emails will often create a false sense of urgency or
    fear, sometimes outright threatening. Legitimate
    organizations do not use these tactics. Check that
    the sender’s email address is exactly in the format
    of previous emails, and if you choose to telephone
    to check an emails veracity, don’t simply rely on
    the phone number given in that email.
  • Report suspicious emails to your IT team as an
    attachment, rather than a forward.
  • If in any doubt, or if it relates to a large payment,
    please verify that the person who is named in the
    email or message is genuine to validate any requests
    or instructions. Remember; if it doesn’t feel right,
    it probably isn’t.

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