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Click here to apply online for a Temporary Pension Refund of Money from an Occupational Pension Plan and/or Local Retirement Product under the National Pension Scheme (Refund) (Temporary) Regulations 2021.


Searching for your pension plan...

Searching for your pension can be daunting, perhaps your company has switched providers or you have change employers, regardless of the reason Freisenbruch Meyer is launching an online portal for you to check.

With less than 3 months until the end of the year, talk to anyone…. its been a CRAZY year all round! From changes to pension legislation, to changes in the way we conduct business and sadly for a few changes in employment. At Freisenbruch Meyer we are here to help you get through it together.

To use our online form, we are going to need some information from you to aid our search, make sure you gathered this prior to submission:

  •                                           Make sure you have your social insurance number (this is unique to you)
  •                                           Copy of government issued photo ID
  •                                           A selfie with you holding the government issued photo ID
  •                                           Copy of a utility bill showing your residential address
  •                                           Old residential address that would have been associated with the pension
  •                                          Copy of the old statement if available
  •                                          If you think it is still with your old employer – make sure to name of the old employer

Once we receive the online form, our goal is to respond to you within 48 hours – that way, if the pension is with us, we can get all your information updated and work with you to consolidate your other pensions, or alternatively, if it is not with us you can continue on your search.


For more information please contact Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services Ltd at 296-3600 and ask for any of our knowledgeable pension administrators or email fmpension@fmgroup.bm


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