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Why do you need D&O coverage?

A single claim can reduce cash flow, disrupt your mission and potentially put the personal assets of your leadership at risk.

Exposures of not-for-profit board members:

  • Allegations of wrongful acts
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Errors in judgement
  • Negligence
  • Breach of duty or care
  • Pre-investigations and investigations of insured persons

Additional coverage options:

Entity Employment Practice Liability (“EPL”)  Liability arising from any actual or alleged act, error or omission with respect to the employment of past, present and future or prospective employees or any insured person.

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About the scheme

Whilst The Centre on Philanthropy has negotiated with FMG to make this D&O scheme available to its members, policies are held separately by each member and remain confidential. Each member should conduct their own analysis as to the appropriateness and adequacy of the coverage for their own needs. The Centre on Philanthropy accepts no liability or responsibility, legal or otherwise, in relation to the D&O scheme.

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