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Putting you first

Shouldn’t you take the time to find the right mortgage life insurance protections for you and your family?

Most lending institutions offer mortgage life insurance as part of their mortgage packaging. But look carefully before you sign on the dotted line. You could find yourself locked into insurance that does more to protect your lender than you.

Weighing your options

Let’s explore how a personal life insurance policy compares to mortgage life insurance offered by most lending institutions:

It’s about being covered


  • You may have fewer options if your health changes or you become insurable.
  • Your options for renewing and re-mortgaging with a different lending institution may be restricted.
  • Many won’t allow you to customise the coverage with options and features that better meet your financial security goals.


  • Your policy can be customised with additional options and features, such as having your life insurance premiums waived should you become disabled.
  • Depending on the life insurance product you choose, you can have access to cash values that can be used to meet many needs over your lifetime.

It's about having control


  • Your lender owns the policy.
  • Your lender automatically pays off the mortgage if you die. Your beneficiary has no choice about how to use the funds, at a time when the funds may be needed the most.
  • If you make additional payments, your mortgage life insurance coverage decreases.


  • You own your policy, not your lender.
  • Your beneficiaries can choose how to use the funds. It’s your choice, not the lender’s.
  • Your coverage isn’t reduced by a decline in your mortgage balance.

It's about your money:


  • The cost per thousand of coverage generally increases every year. When you think about it, costs may increase while your coverage decreases!


  • You choose the type of insurance that best suits your needs with premiums to suit your budget.

Protect your home, not your lender

A personal life insurance policy doesn't insure your mortgage. It insures you. After all, you're the one making those mortgage payments. Through a personal life insurance policy, you can plan to meet more of your family's needs in the event of death—including staying in your dream home. Get your personal and mortgage protections under one roof.

Get coverage that you control

We're here to help.

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