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Term Life Insurance covers a temporary need for a lower initial cost.

If you believe life insurance is essential but you’re looking for a solution that’s more affordable than permanent, lifelong insurance, you may be interested in term life insurance. This kind of life insurance protects you for a set period of time at the lowest initial cost.

That means term life insurance may be a prudent choice for young adults, people with young families or those looking to protect their small business. But it’s a worthwhile option for just about anyone interested in acquiring life insurance at a relatively low cost.

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In addition, if you have term life insurance and pass away, your chosen beneficiaries – such as your husband, wife, children, other family members or friends – will receive a lump sum payment that can be used to help pay for your funeral and other important expenses.

Did you know?

  • You also have the option to renew, but usually at an increased premium.
  • In an effort to meet your changing needs, our Term Life policy also provides the option to convert to Permanent (Participating) Life insurance, with no proof of health, within a five year period or before the age of 70.

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Term 10

Your premium remains level for 10 years. Then you can renew automatically, without any proof of insurability. You lock in your new premium, reflecting your new age, for another 10 years.

Term 20

Your premium remains level for 20 years. Then you can renew your policy automatically, without any proof of insurability. You lock in your new premium, reflecting your new age, for another 20 years.

Additional policy options

Guaranteed Insurability

This guarantees the right to buy additional insurance without providing evidence of insurability (no medical required).

Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit

London Life will waive all premiums falling due after the life insured has been totally disabled.

Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit provides the beneficiary(ies) with the additional selected death benefit if the life insured’s death is caused by an accident.

Supplementary Term Life Insurance

This benefit can be added to the total coverage. This is useful for additional and affordable insurance. This Term Life is renewable and convertible. The premium rates are guaranteed.

Combination of Term and Whole Life Insurance

We can help you understand your short-term and long-term Life Insurance needs, which will require different levels of coverage over different periods of time. By combining features of both Term and Permanent Life Insurance, we can tailor your policy to meet those needs.

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