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Coverage options:

Freisenbruch-Meyer provides both Comprehensive and Third-Party Only coverage up to $5 million – protecting you against accident liability, theft and fire.

That means in the event your car is damaged due to a collision, fire, theft, riot or malicious act, our comprehensive insurance has you covered. It also protects you against legal liability for injuries to passengers or third parties or any physical damage to a third-party’s property. It’s the total package.

If you’re not concerned with covering damage to your own car, then our Third-Party Only is a more cost-effective option. It meets the requirements for licensing with the Transport Control Department and provides up to $5 million for bodily injury to passengers or third parties – and up to $500,000 for damage to third parties.

There when the chips are down

We know how stressful unexpected losses can be.

Our goal is to make our claims process as quick, professional and efficient as possible, so it results in as little inconvenience as possible to you.

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